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The best advice about marriage counseling. Answers to all your questions about what it’s like to get marriage counseling. Tips for finding a couples counselor who can help you with your marriage. is the #1 source for marriage information and advice.Couples Therapy Spokane, established in 2010 by Melanie E. Morlan MA, is a couple counseling and therapy private practice specializing in couples, marital and pre-marital counseling services. Specialty Training Masters degree from gonzaga university (dual emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling and Community mental health counseling adjunct professor at gonzaga university nationally.couples counseling and Marriage Therapy | Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR Tired of Having the Same Arguments Time and Time Again? Every couple has a moment when they start to fight more than talk, feel angry or withdrawn rather than connected with their partner.Welcome to Mike Myers – Couples Counseling, your first, best destination for counseling service in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area. As your counselor, I become your partner, examining all the factors of your relationship to build a picture of your particular strengths and challenges.My couples therapy approach is customized to each particular client, ensuring that you get the counseling.Kollar Counselling provides marriage and couples counselling in Vancouver, BC, using Imago Relationship Therapy. Get the relationship success you deserve.Why couples therapy does not work How to ruin your spouse’s affair How to deal with "I don’t love you" How to get over past problems How to forgive and be forgiven How to avoid a separation How to reconnect as a couple How to rebuild broken trust How to get your spouse to change Plus 5 marriage.marriage counseling statistics show the good and the bad about couple therapy. Marriage Counseling Statistics Most marriages go through stormy periods severe enough that divorce is a likely outcome, or that one or both spouses develop an illness such as anxiety or depression.Marriage, Couple, & Family Therapy Family therapy is a distinct profession with its own history, theories, models, professional organizations and journals. Family therapists are generalists in that we typically treat a wide variety of psychological, emotional, and relational problems.